Tropica Baie

Launched under the Real Estate Scheme, Tropica Baie offers seven luxurious villas for sale to foreigners. The project is being developed in Mare Sèche, Chemin 20 Pieds, Pereybère. Pereybère, the strategic location chosen for the development of Tropica Baie represents a unique portfolio of the island’s finest restaurants, shopping malls, night clubs and pubs, best medical clinics and best schools in the island. This exciting geographical location is only twenty minutes far from the city capital – Port Louis.

The 7 magnificent villas offered for sale to foreigners by Tropica Baie will be at the most competitive prices in the current market. Dreaming to live in a hassle-free environment, a calm, serene and peaceful place, a well-developed area with modern infrastructure in an unspoiled environment on the island, where you are surrounded with all the necessities you require and being just two minutes away from arguably the best beaches of the world? Then, the site of Tropica Baie is surely the place where you can simply relax in the privacy and comfort of your luxury villa.

Each villa is designed to make the most of a fully secured living environment. The unmatched architecture and conceptualization surely makes the difference between the villas of Tropica Baie to others. Mixed with a modern and tropical architecture, each villa will provide to its future owner the unique opportunity to live in a safe, luxurious and comfortable homely environment where they will be able to make ingenious use of the indoor-outdoor space in their respective villas. The interior design is blended with a Mauritian and European touch. The high quality amenities and in-built homely will undoubtedly enhance the charming Mauritian island lifestyle. The internal and external living areas are entwined and linked to the panoramic view of the sparkling coin de Mire of Bain Boeuf and the tropical greenery surrounding the site. The architectural style embodies the essence of Mauritian living in a tropical elegance. A state of art architecture that blends with the tropical scenery of the island... Tropically indeed!

There will be three types of villas – 1 consisting of two bedrooms, 4 consisting of three bedrooms and 2 consisting of four bedrooms. Each villa will consist of:

Additionally, the promoters have also planned for a wellness centre for the villa-owners of Tropica Baie. The site will be secured by a reliable security provider with a 24/7 alarm system.

For more details about the villa’s description, click on Specification

Leisure and on site Facilities

On top of the luxurious villas, the proprietor’s will also benefit from other infrastructural facilities which will surely enhance their lifestyle.

Wellness Centre

The promoters have also designed a wellness centre for the owners of the villas. It will consist of a hi-tech gym fully equipped with the latest weight training machines and tools to carry out regular physical exercises in a pleasant ambiance.

It will be a 24/7 operational and modern gym, where one can make maximum use of it to add wellness to his/her physical development and personal harmony.

Swimming Pool

The owners of each villa will have the privilege to enjoy a swim at anytime they wish to in their own private beautiful swimming pool. The pool will be properly maintained by the syndicate to ensure full safety and serenity to the users.

Forbach Stables

Another sister company of Tropica Baie Limited,  established in 2008 in the north-east of Mauritius, The Forbach Stables aims to provide riding lessons, education on horse care and leisure riding to the local Mauritian population, local expats and visitors from overseas. Many people have learnt to ride with us, or re-discovered riding after many years, we have quite well behaved horses, an enthusiastic teacher and very reasonable prices which help to encourage many people into this wonderful sport. 

For your leisure time and outdoor sports, The Forbach Stables being only 25 minutes far from the site of Tropica Baie, will provide the fantastic opportunity for horse riding on various trail riding routes. The villa owners of Tropica Baie will be offered preferential membership packages.

Security and Maintenance

The site will be secured by a reliable and trusted security provider with a 24/7 alarm system. Tropica Baie ensures complete on-site safety thus protecting the villa owners and their valuable property and personal belongings.

The Mauritian government has laid much emphasis on the safety of the citizens and consequently Pereybère is covered by police patrols regularly during the day and at night as well.

Tropica Baie will provide a syndicate for the villas proprietors’ which will have a significant responsibility in respect of the maintenance of the site and make appropriate intervention whenever required. The syndicate will be a body corporate engaged in the day to day management services such as ensuring security, maintenance, gardening, solid waste disposal and will also ensure ongoing safeguarding of the villas.

The syndicate will operate with an ultimate objective – ensuring a hassle-free living environment to its clients.


Apart from their personal garage, the villa owners will have the privilege to park their cars in and also provide their visitors a spacious and safe parking which will be found on the site.

Project Update

On this page, you will find all the recent updates and construction progress of the project development. As part of our commitment, we will upload images, videos and extracts of press releases to update interested clients.


The full construction progress will be updated on this page by means of images taken on the site of Tropica Baie. Interested parties may have an exact idea of the project completion progress.


Interesting videos relating to the project implementation will be uploaded to provide an exclusive and livelier overview of the construction phases. Informative and documentary videos will also be uploaded to provide a more in-depth illustration of investing in Mauritius.

Press Coverage

Tropica Baie, with its unique charm, has already and will continue to be in the limelight of the local and international press.

VILLAS TROPICA BAIE – Ile Maurice Pereybere 2014
Number of rooms
Gross Area
Built area
Swimming Pool
Plot area
Total Furniture Package (Optional) Reservation Status
                Rupees Rupees Rupees      
1 Plain-pied 3 299 m² 227 m² 40 m² 32 m² 747 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,200,000.00 Available
2 Plain-pied 3 299 m² 227 m² 40 m² 32 m² 745 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,200,000.00 Available
3 Plain-pied 3 299 m² 227 m² 40 m² 32 m² 779 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,200,000.00 Available
7 Plain-pied 3 299 m² 227 m² 40 m² 32 m² 918 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,200,000.00 Available
4 G+1 4 368 m² 296 m² 40 m² 32 m² 1057 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,400,000.00 Available
5 G+1 4 368 m² 296 m² 40 m² 32 m² 876 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,400,000.00 SOLD
6 Plain-pied 2 299 m² 157 m² 40 m² 32 m² 674 m² Price On Application NA NA Price On Application 1,000,000.00 SOLD






II.1.2 Swimming pool

II.1.3 Kiosk

II.1.4 Garage

II.1.5 Terrace


II.2.1 Drainage sanitation system and water distribution

II.2.2 Structure

II.2.3 Roof covering

II.2.4 Exterior openings

II.2.5 Interior Woodwork and doors

II.2.6 Interior finishes

II.2.7 Electricity

II.2.8 Kitchen

II.2.9 Air conditioning

II.2.10 Bathrooms

II.2.11 Water heating system

II.2.12 Security

II.2.13 Electric generator

Design & Layout



View Villas(pdf)



The video shows the strategic site location of Tropica Baie at Mare Sèche, Pereybère. The seven luxurious villas and the wellness centre will be constructed on this plot of land which is just a few minutes from Grand Baie – the most animated touristic village in the north. Also known as the ‘Saint-Tropez’ of Mauritius, the owners of Tropica Baie villas will enjoy the privilege to live in a well-secured, pleasant and modern region of the island.






As part of our commitment, we will update clients about the project’s progress and shall upload videos on a monthly basis.

Press Coverage

Date 14.08.14


Tropica Baie again appeared in the lime light of the local press recently. The Business Magazine has published an article about the project realisation, elaborating mainly on the project construction plans. The promoters have set targets to start the project in the month of October so as to offer the seven magnificent villas for sale to prospective foreigners.

While there is social disharmony and living has become difficult in certain parts of the world, Mauritius remains totally a safe and secure country to settle down. Tropica Baie will offer seven luxury villas with price starting from € 375,000.

Do not miss out this unique opportunity for a unique tropical lifestyle!

Date 23.07.14


Following the rapid advancement of the Tropica Baie project, the Business Magazine (Volume 1142) has recently published a brief description providing an overview about the project – the implementation of the 7 luxury villas under the Real Estate Scheme (RES).

The article also highlights the previous successful construction projects developed by the promoters of Tropica Baie in different parts of the country.



Below is a list of international benchmarks for Mauritius around the globe regarding the ease of doing business in Mauritius. Today Mauritius has become a strategic financial hub for those willing to do business in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius consists of a stable political system, a lucrative and proper business environment, modern infrastructure, low trade barriers & many bilateral agreements and IIPA with many countries around the world. Moreover, there is a high quality education at all levels and a dynamic labour force hence promoting an opportunistic investment climate. More interestingly to note, the tax system in Mauritius is very favourable to property buyers, resulting in growing appreciation of market value. The country is today acclaimed as a leading investment destination.


Taxation in Mauritius

  • The corporate tax rate is only 15%.
  • No withholding tax on interest
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance taxes
  • Dividends are tax free
  • VAT rate is only 15%.
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital
  • Exemption from customs duty on equipment
  • No minimum foreign capital required to start up a business


The promoters Tropica Baie Limited have been in the financial and business development field for more than ten years in the Mauritian economy. In 2005 the Mr K Vishal and K Adesh Ramanah were named as the most successful young entrepreneurs in Mauritius. After their successful venture in the Mauritian and UK finance field, the Ramanah brothers went on to found other entities. They are in the accountancy, offshore and business advisory sector.


Similar to having a healthy life in Mauritius, doing business in its stable and productive economy as well is great opportunities to foreign investors who seek to establish their businesses over here. The promoters of Tropica Baie will undoubtedly help and offer their business-related services to these villas owners who wish to set their footprints in the Mauritian economy. From company formation to annual tax return filing, Ramanah & Associates (Sister Company of Tropica Baie Limited) will cater for all the requirements. Ramanah & Associates is unmatched in terms of value-for-money and a timely service.



The agro-industry offers investment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Seed production for the local and international market
  • Production of food crops for export
  • Processing of fruits and vegetables
  • Bio farming
  • Dairy farming
  • Poultry & Pig farming
  • Technology based farming
  • Agro-projects in the regional markets

Companies have set up rice seed, rice and maize cultivation in Mozambique through the Regional Development Company (RDC) of Mauritius initiative. The RDC is an entity set up by the Government of Mauritius to act as the link between Mozambican authorities and prospective investors, and accompany the latter in their implementation phase.

source:Board of investment


Situated in one of the world’s cleanest oceans, Mauritius offers investment opportunities in:

  • lagoon cage culture with a production range of 300 to 500 tonnes per production unit,
  • offshore lagoon cage culture with an approximate production capacity of 2,000 tonnes per production unit,
  • inland aquaculture farms,
  • tuna ranching & fattening in cages and
  • Hi-tech production techniques such as aqua pods.

A list of species, already pre-approved by the Ministry of Fisheries, is available in the Aquaculture Master Plan 2007. Attractiveness of Mauritius Mauritius has preferential market access for its seafood products to the European market through a partial EPA, the US market under the AGOA as well as COMESA and SADC countries.

source:Board of investment


Mauritius has emerged as a provider of quality education in the region. Investment opportunities exist for the setting up of:

Attractiveness of Mauritius

  • World-class pre-primary, primary and secondary schools;
  • Pre-vocational and vocational schools;
  • University campuses, Business and Professional Schools.
  • Highly qualified human capital
  • Modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Unique blend of eastern, western and African multi-cultural learning environment for the development of students
  • Part-time work scheme for foreign students
  • Affordable accommodation facilities and free public transport for students
  • Streamlined procedures for issuance of student visa
  • Proximity with Africa offers opportunities to tap growing education needs of the African continent.
  • Mauritius has set a target to increase the gross tertiary enrolment ratio to 70% by 2015

source:Board of investment

Financial Services

Recognised as a well-regulated and trusted jurisdiction, Mauritius has successfully established itself as an international financial centre for cross-border investments. Investment opportunities exist in:

  • Banking (Private Banking and Investment Banking)
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Listings and capital raising (by regional companies, junior mining/exploration companies, global funds as well as Global Business Companies (GBC))
  • Fund administration and management
  • Corporate Services Providers
  • Accountancy and auditing services
  • International legal services
  • Brokerage houses
  • Regional Head Quarters (RHQs)
  • Aircraft and Ship Registration
  • Custodian Services
  • Regional Treasury Centres (RTCs)
  • Wealth management and investment advisory firms.

source:Board of investment

Attractiveness of Mauritius

  • Innovative pool of products - Limited Partnerships, Foundations, Private Pension Schemes, RHQs, RTCs, Signatory member of international standard setting bodies including the IAIS, IOSCO MMOU, FATF and the IFSB
  • Recognised by the OECD as a ‘white listed’ jurisdiction
  • World Class Anti-Money Laundering Legislation
  • Recognised International Arbitration Centre
  • A complete eco-system with the presence of international operators
  • The Natural Investment Platform of and for Africa
  • Excellent pool of bilingual financial professionals

source:Board of investment


The healthcare sector in Mauritius has metamorphosed itself into an integrated cluster underpinned by a core group of high-value activities such as hi-tech medicine, medical tourism, medical education and wellness. Global healthcare companies have invested in multi-specialty and super-specialty centres of excellence to cater for the growing healthcare needs of both national and international patients.

There are opportunities for the setting up of:

  • Multispecialty and super-specialty centres
  • Specialised diabetes research and treatment centres
  • Specialised centres for elderly care & rehabilitative medicine
  • Specialised centres for novel treatments stem-cell therapies
  • Plastic reconstructive surgery clinics
  • Clinics for dental surgery and dento-facial orthopaedics
  • Convalescence and pain clinics providing specialised care to patients suffering from acute and chronic conditions
  • Wellness centres and health resorts

Attractiveness for Mauritius as a Medical Hub

  • Highly-trained personnel with globally recognised qualifications
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities
  • Encouraging joint-ventures/alliances with firms of international repute

source:Board of investment

Medical Travel

The Medical tourism industry in Mauritius has witnessed a sustained growth over the last years. The Mauritian private healthcare sector now boasts state-of-the-art facilities and highly-qualified personnel providing comprehensive high-end medical care which has enabled Mauritius to position itself as a leading destination for medical travel.

source:Board of investment

Hospitality & Property Development

Property Development

Mauritius has successfully positioned itself on the international scene as a renowned up-market tourist destination. The Property Development sector offers numerous high-return investment opportunities:

  • Real Estate
  • Residential Property under the IRS and RES schemes
  • Business/Industrial Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Mixed-use development


Mauritius is unique. It enjoys a tropical climate. It boasts a hospitable multi-cultural population and is known for its clean environment and pristine coastline. Investment in tourism in Mauritius is boosted by an excellent range of supporting infrastructure including a well-established network of roads, an efficient seaport and a modern international airport. Current opportunities include:

  • Hotel Development
  • Invest Hotel Scheme
  • Marinas
  • Leisure/Amusement Parks
  • Health Tourism
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Green Tourism

source:Board of investment


The ICT/BPO industry has evolved into a rapidly growing sector with operators providing higher value- added activities. The sector has developed distinctive strengths in Telecoms, BFSI, IT Application Development as well as Maintenance support. Business opportunities exist in the following segments:

  • Business Process Outsourcing: Non Voice and Voice (Customer support, Technical help-desk, Telemarketing, Front office management)
  • IT Outsourcing, Data Centres, Disaster Recovery
  • Multimedia and design
  • Mobile applications development
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing such as Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Mauritius has crafted an enabling ecosystem for ICT/BPO companies to develop. The country offers the following key attributes for ICT and BPO activities:
  • Proven test bed for new technologies
  • Pool of multilingual, educated and adaptable IT professionals
  • Continual drop of approximately 15% annually in cost of IPLC 2MB
  • Excellent collaborative business environment
  • Competitive cost to quality proposition
  • Reliable and redundant international connectivity with two international submarine networks
  • Innovative training grants offered by the Government
  • Besides serving as a primary bilingual location for customer-centric services and a compelling alternative for higher value works, Mauritius is also being increasingly leveraged as the ideal platform for the delivery of business services for Africa.

source:Board of investment

Life Sciences

Mauritius has, over the recent years, experienced growth in various fields of Life Sciences. The sector has tremendous opportunities in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Research
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Marine Biotechnology

Attractiveness for Mauritius as a Life Sciences destination

  • Presence of leading pharmaceutical companies manufacturing drugs exported to Africa and other parts of the world
  • Presence of leading medical devices manufacturers exporting to the global market
  • Preferential market access to the EU, USA and the Eastern & Southern African markets
  • Mauritius has an enabling framework for clinical research. The Clinical Trials Act is based on international best practices.
  • 634 medicinal plants out of which less than 10% have been studied
  • Exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 1.9 million square kilometres (with an additional 396,000 km2 co-managed with the Republic of Seychelles) providing enormous untapped marine resources

source:Board of investment


The logistics and distribution sector offers the following investment opportunities:

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Breaking bulk, sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing
  • Labelling, packing, re-packing and repackaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Minor processing and Light assembly
  • Storage, maintenance and repairs of empty containers
  • Ship building, repairs and maintenance of ships and aircrafts
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Quality control and inspection services

Attractiveness of Mauritius Freeport as a Logistics Platform

The Mauritius Freeport is one of the leading duty-free logistics and distribution hubs of the region. Its various features include:

  • Strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Middle-East, Australia and Africa
  • Excellent infrastructure and transshipment facilities
  • Warehousing, processing and distribution facilities
  • Competitive operational costs
  • Serviced by major shipping lines and airlines
  • Exemption from customs duties on all goods imported and used exclusively in the zone
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • Skilled labour
  • Preferential access to COMESA and SADC Market, US Market (through AGOA) and EU Market
  • 50% of the re-export value can be sold on the local market
  • As a testimony to its rapid expansion and robust efficiency, the Mauritius Freeport ranks in the ‘Top 50 Best Free zones’ in the Global Free Zones of the Future 2012-13 report of FDi Magazine.

source:Board of investment


The manufacturing sector of Mauritius has evolved into a technology intensive sector and offers investment opportunities in:

  • Textiles & garment making
  • Non-textiles comprising light engineering
  • Food and seafood processing
  • High-precision engineering comprising products such as watch & jewellery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electronic components and products, parts for the aerospace and automotive industries, amongst others.

Attractiveness of Mauritius as a manufacturing base

Mauritius offers a number of benefits to international manufacturing companies to set up production units locally. These benefits include:

  • Preferential market access the USA through the AGOA; the EU through the partial EPA; and Africa through SADC and COMESA memberships
  • Competitive factor costs
  • Modern infrastructure for setting up factories
  • Modern Freeport and logistics facilities
  • Bilateral agreements for free and preferential trade with Turkey and Pakistan, respectively
  • Sea and air connectivity through major shipping lines and airlines, respectively
  • Highly skilled, adaptable and bilingual work force
  • Streamlined procedures for the recruitment of expatriates and foreign labour

To give a further impetus to the manufacturing sector, Government has introduced a measure allowing manufacturing factories to set up in the Freeport for the production of goods aimed primarily at the African market.

source:Board of investment

Film Industry

Mauritius has a lot to offer. Its great weather, a wide variety of natural, urban and rural locations as sell as attractive film-production incentives are among its assets.

The Film Rebate Scheme, a new cash rebate of 30% on local Qualifying Production Expenditures (QPEs), was introduced at the beginning of 2013 which makes Mauritius even more attractive to international film producers. The rebate applies to a wide variety of projects comprising feature films, television dramas, documentaries and high-end commercials.

source:Board of investment

Ocean Economy

The Government of Mauritius has a vision to promote ocean economy as one of the main pillars of development by optimizing the opportunities available to the country as an Ocean State. Numerous opportunities exist in the Ocean Economy, namely:

  • Fisheries sector
  • Development of deep ocean water applications (DOWA)
  • Commercial marinas
  • Bunkering
  • Aquaculture, amongst others.

A road map has been developed to encompass seven main areas of activities:

  • Petroleum & Mineral
  • Fishing, Seafood processing and Aquaculture
  • Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA)
  • Marine Services
  • Port-related activities
  • Marine renewable Energies
  • Ocean Knowledge.

The road map is now available and can be accessed through the following link Frameworks for emerging and new activities in the ocean economy will follow the road map. A list of technical services is currently being offered by the scientific institutions of Mauritius.

source:Board of investment

Renewable Energy

In line with the 'Maurice Ile Durable' initiative, opportunities exist for the setting up of:

  • Wind Farms
  • Waste to Energy projects
  • Solar PV Farms
  • Energy Efficiency Projects targeting Large Energy Consumers
  • Energy Audit, Management and Advisory Services

Attractiveness of Mauritius

Planned evolution of electricity generation for Mauritius

Waste to Energy

Mauritius produces 425,000 tonnes of waste (growing at 2% per annum) with some 40% of the current waste allocated for composting. A tendering process for the allocation of an additional 170,000 tonnes is currently under way.

R&D in renewable energy

Transformational Energy Projects

  • Energy sources to contribute to 35% of energy production by 2025
  • Renewable energy facilities, namely wind farms of a total installed capacity of nearly 40MW and solar farms of total installed capacity of 25MW are expected to be commissioned by January 2015.
  • Aim at achieving energy efficiency gains at 10% by 2025
    • Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA) that exploit deep sea water currents for cooling and other uses.
    • Geothermal energy, currently under study, taps into the potential of heat generated by the earth
    • Offshore wind farms which, following preliminary results by the Mauritius Research Council, demonstrate the potential for large scale developments in the waters of both Mauritius and Rodrigues. Offshore wave farms for which preliminary studies from the Mauritius Research Council have demonstrated conclusive results.

source:Board of investment


The rational exploitation of fish has enabled the local seafood industry to be founded on the development of value-added fisheries and seafood-related activities. The sector offers opportunities in:

  • Fishing
  • Transhipment
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Light processing such as sorting, grading, cleaning, filleting, loining and canning.

Attractiveness of Mauritius as a Seafood Hub

  • The Indian Ocean holds the second largest stock of tuna resources
  • Foreign Fishing Licenses. Licences are issued mainly to foreign long liners and purse-seiners
  • Modern Logistics Platform in Indian Ocean Region
  • The Mauritius Freeport provides more than 80,000 m3 of cold room facilities
  • Seafood-related services such as Ship agency, Vessel husbandry, Freight forwarding, Dedicated reefer carriers, Bunkering/ Ship Supplies, Reefer container plug-in points, Health Certification Services
  • Ship Agency and Logistics Services
  • Ship Repairs

source:Board of investment

Below is a table showing the international benchmarks of Mauritius in the world of business.


No Index Global Rank Africa Rank
1 World Bank Doing Business 2014 20 out of 189 countries 1st out of 47 countries
2 Global Competitiveness Index 2013-2014 45 out of 148 countries 1st
3 Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 (Transparency International) 52 out of 175 countries 5th
4 International Property Rights Index 2013 73 of 130 8 of 23 countries
5 Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance 2013   1st  out of 52 countries
6 Press Freedom Index 2014 (Reporters without Borders) 70 out of 180 11th
7 The A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, 2011 36 out of 50 countries 4th  after Egypt, Tunisia and Ghana
8 2014 Index of Economic Freedom 8 out of 178 1st  out of 46 in the Sub-Saharan African Region
9 Human Development Index 2013 80 out 187 3rd after Seychelles and Libya
10 Democracy Index 2012 Full Democracy 1st
11 Economist Intelligence Unit 18  out of 167 1st
12 Knowledge Economy Index 2012-World Bank 62 out of 145 countries 1st
13 Global Enabling Trade Report 2014 – World Economic Forum 29 out of 138 countries 1st
14 Environmental Performance Index 2014 56 out 178 countries 1st
15 Mercer’s 2012 Quality of Living Survey 82nd 1st
16 Fraser institute economic freedom 2013 6 out of 152 countries 1st
17 Outsourcing Readiness Index (Africa) 2009 53 2nd out of 15
18 E-government development Index 2012 93 out of 192 countries 2nd
19 Global Information Technology Report 2014 48 out of 148 countries 1st
20 ITU –United Nations Agency for Information and communications - ITU’s Digital Access Index 2012 74 out of 155 2nd
21 Forbes Survey of Best Countries for Business 2013 29 out of 145 countries 1st
22 The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness 2013 58 out of 140 countries 2nd
23 Social Progress Index 2014 34 out of 132 countries 1st




Please click a question below to expand the corresponding FAQ answer:


Q: What does Real Estate Scheme (RES) mean?
A: Real Estate Scheme is a scheme put forward by the Mauritian government in late 2007 to promote foreign investment into Mauritius. The scheme provides for the development of luxurious residential units of international standing to be offered for sale to foreign investors. A full panoply of advantages and business opportunities is related with the acquisition of a villa under a RES scheme. For more details, please follow the following link:

Q: What is Tropica Baie?
A: Tropica Baie is a project under the Real Estate Scheme (RES) officially approved by the Mauritian Government to construct seven luxurious villas and offer it for sale to foreigners hence increasing foreign direct investment into Mauritius.

Q: Where is Tropica Baie?
A: Tropica Baie is situated on the north of the island at Mare Sèche, Chemin Vingt Pieds, Pereybère.

Q: What is the total size and the concept of the development?
A: The project will be implemented on a strategic site location, being on a plot of land with a total enclosed area of 1.87 arpents. The project will comprise of 7 villas and a wellness centre. 3 types of villas will be available for sale: 1 consisting of two rooms, 4 consisting of three rooms and the remaining two will consist of two rooms. The whole project area will be enclosed by a boundary and security will be ensured by a reputed security provider.

Q: Who is Eligible to Buy Freehold Property?
A: A non-citizen of Mauritius
A citizen of Mauritius
A company registered as a foreign company under the Companies Act 2001
A company incorporated under the Companies Act 2001
A société, where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies
A trust, where the trusteeship services are provided by a qualified trustee licenced by the Financial Services Commission
A qualified global business as defined under the Financial Services Act 2007 holding a Global Business Licence 1

Q: Will I be eligible to obtain Residency status as a purchaser?
A: All purchasers subject to approval by the Mauritius Board of Investment and the payment of a mandatory fee (higher of 25,000 USD or 5% of the property value) to the Registrar General, will be eligible to residency in Mauritius for the period that they remain owners of their RES property. A residence permit entitles a foreigner to live in Mauritius for a period of 3 years. At the end of the period, the foreigner can apply for a permanent residential permit valid for 10 years.

Q: Will my children and wife obtain residency permit?
A: If the buyer acquires a property which has a price exceeding the value of 500,000 USD (approximately 360,000 Euros) the purchaser will benefit of a permanent residence permit for him and his family. (Family means spouse and children under 24 years).

Q: Who will manage the Estate?
A: There will be a syndicate who will look after the day-to-day management of the villas and ensure the smooth running and security of the site.


Q: When is construction expected to commence?
A: The construction will start in November 2014.

Q: How long will construction take?
A: The promoters have set their target to complete the project in an 18 months-time period.

Q: Have the required planning proposals for the development been approved by the necessary parties?
A: Tropica Baie is an approved RES project and the letter of intent has already been issued by the Board of Investment.

Q: Do all units have to have a swimming pool or is this optional?
A: Each villa proprietor will have the privilege to own his/her private swimming pool.

Q: What fixtures, fittings and furnishings are included in the purchase price?
A: The villas will be fully furnished at time of delivery. However, the proprietors will surely, at their election and cost, be able to enhance their villas. To these proprietors, the promoters may provide them with the assistance of their interior decorator.

Q: What Security is planned for the development?
A: The whole site will be secured by a reputable security service provider. There will be a security alarm system which will be operational 24/7.

Q: Who are the partners associated with the promoters in the project development?
A: Promoters: VA Group
Project Management: VA Properties
Graphic Designer: Absolute Vision Limited
Notary: Mr Pentiah Dharamraj (Public notary)
Accountants & Financial Advisors: Ramanah & Associates Ltd


Q: How far is Tropica Baie from the airport?
A: About 1hr 15 minutes drive

Q: Where are the nearest retail shopping facilities?
A: Tropica Baie will be surrounded by a large number of shopping centres. Grand Bay, being only a few minutes from the site of Tropica Baie offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, culinary institutions, and food related shops.


Q: What are the recreational activities available near the site of Tropica Baie?

A:There will be a wide choice of recreational activities which the villa owners of Tropica Baie may enjoy. Some are:

Please check on our leisure and other on-site facilities page for more detailed information.

  • Parasailing
  • Water Ski
  • ea Kayaking
  • Underwater Sea Walk
  • Tube Ride
  • Horse Riding


Q: Why should I invest in Mauritius?
A: For a number of plausible and lucrative reasons to invest in Mauritius, please check on our Investors’ Corner Page.

Q: VAT, Income & Corporation tax rate in Mauritius?
A: 15% (for more info please visit the website of MRA –

Q: Who can guide me in setting up my business or expand my actual business in Mauritius?
A: The sister company of Tropica Baie Limited – Ramanah & Associates Ltd will be your strategic partner all throughout your business venture. Visit the website of Ramanah & Associates on the following link:

Q: Which financial institutions have agreed to provide financial assistance to foreign investors of Tropica Baie villas’?
A: Banks have agreed to provide loans to potential investors. This will however, remain at the discretion of the banks.


Q: What guarantees are in place and what confidence can I have in the development?
A: The sale shall include a completion bond - Garantie Financiere d’Achevement (GFA) issued by a Financial Institution (Bank) as required in terms of Articles 1601-31 to 1601-37 of the Mauritian Civil Code. In other words, the bank is principally guaranteeing that the development will be completed irrespective of what situation the promoters may find themselves in.


Q: What is the payment schedule?
A: Stage 1 Initial Deposit (Upon signing of contract) 25% 25% Stage 2 Upon completion of foundation 10% 35% Stage 3 Upon completion of roof 35% 70% Stage 4 Upon complete construction 20% 90% Stage 5 Upon delivery of keys 10% 100%


Q: Any after sale service/package?
A: The promoters will provide a warranty of 10 years on major structural work and 2 years on plumbing and electrical and other repairs. (Conditions apply) There will be constant communication with our clients to better evaluate their needs and well-being.


Q: What costs will be covered by the syndicate charge?
A: Security
Mechanical and electrical maintenance (Common)
Management fees
Garden maintenance (Common)
Pest Control (Common)
Electricity and water (Common)


General Information

Q: Mauritius and the Mauritian Culture
A: Mauritius is a unique opportunity in terms of Real Estate Ownership. It capitalises on a unique offering of good infrastructure, a buoyant economy, great weather combined with beautiful lagoons and beaches but above all, the genuine hospitality of its people, thus making it incomparable to any other destination. Real Estate investors look towards increasing long term value. The island is blessed with a multi-ethnic population and is known to be as a rainbow nation where there is the mutual understanding and respect of each other. All the cultural festivals are celebrated with great fervour and joy.

Q: Is there any clinic or good health care providers near the site of Tropica Baie?
A: Mauritius is one of the most famous destinations in the Indian Ocean regarding health services. It has a pool of professional and multidisciplinary physicians operating in an environment of latest technology. There are modern and highly sophisticated laboratories including telemedicine technology to ensure a value for money and world-class service to the public. To ensure that proper health care is made accessible to people of the region, one of the most famous clinic of the island - Fortis Clinique Darné ( opened a branch in Grand Bay, located just a few minutes from the site. There are also other clinics including the Clinic Grand Bay and the City Clinic which are closest to the site. You can also browse on the following link to check on other medical clinics:

Q: Is there any good school for my kids in Mauritius?
A: The education sector has several schools of international standard, both public and private, delivering the Cambridge University A’ levels, the French Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate. Several tertiary education providers can also be found, offering internally recognized degrees and post-degree qualifications. One of the reputed schools with international recognition situated near the site of Tropica Baie: PRE-PRIMARY: Independant Preparatory School (IPS) Orchard Kids PRIMARY: Independant Preparatory School (IPS) Lighthouse Primary School SECONDARY: Northfields International High School Ecole du Nord TERTIARY: Université de Mascareignes

Tropica Baie


Tropica Baie will be implemented and promoted by Mr K Vishal Ramanah and K Adesh Ramanah. The latter have a brilliant and rich experience in the Mauritian business environment. After having been awarded the most successful entrepreneurs in 2005 - Shell Young Entrepreneur award, the Ramanah Brothers have diversified into several lines of business including property development as well. They are confident that with their rich know-how and expertise, Tropica Baie will be a fabulous project – A dream place to be!


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Why Mauritius?


Strategically situated in the Indian Ocean (20° south and 27.5° east), Mauritius is considered to be the linking point in the golden triangle of the world connecting Asia, Africa and Australia. Mauritius is a country of about 1.3 million inhabitants comprising of highly competent and productive workforce. Surrounded by the white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons protected by palms and casuarinas and a unique landscape extremely beautiful, Mauritius surely demarcates itself from other islands in the region.

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Some Quick Facts about Mauritius

City Capital: Port Louis
Location: Latitude 20 degrees south & Longitude 58 degrees east
Area: 1865 Square km (Approximately 55km x 35km)
Population: Approximately 1.3 million inhabitants
Seasons: Summer (Nov-April) & Winter (May – October)
Temperature: Summer (23°C - 33°C) & Winter (17°C - 23°C)
Languages: English (official language), French & Mauritian Creole

About the Mauritian Economy

GDP per capita: Approx. USD 9,300 (2013)
Sovereign rating by Moody’s: BAA1 (2013)
Political System: Democracy with free and fair elections held every 5 years
Legal System: Hybrid system (Common & Civil Law)
GDP Growth: 3.2% (2013 est)
Unemployment: 8.3% (2013 est)
Inflation: 3.6% (2013 est)
Repo Rate: 4.65% (as at date)


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